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Our Programs

What Drives Us

Women's Health

A healthy woman is a happy woman! Our core health initiatives outline ailments plaguing minority and indigent female populations such as breast cancer, mental illness, and domestic violence.

With the help of community partners we plan to build resources, along with a homeless prevention fund to assist women transitioning from domestic abuse.


Build H.E.R. Up!

 Through the use of community events and corporate sponsorships, H.E.R. community cultivates women who have been torn down by adversity.

When it comes to emerging women, H.E.R. is dedicated to preventing poverty by building a strong network of job prospects, educational workshops, and more!

Upon conception of this program, we have seen a 20% increase in overall self-esteem and economic independence in women 17-23yrs.

Send H.E.R. to College &

Keep H.E.R. in College!

To date, Minority women are celebrated as the highest educated population in the USA!

With increased funding woes of HBCUs and institutions alike, ambitious female students are forced to pay the price of increased education expenses, and decreased funding. 

In 2019, H.E.R. community is dedicated to achieving the goal of our $100,000 college fund to send and keep women in college!

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