The Women of Honor, Excellence, and Rarity (H.E.R. Community) was founded and designed in 2015 by Jazzilyn Simmons With 3 core targets: Women's Health, Educational Development, and Social Advancement.


This movement sets out to make esteemed impact in the community, chiefly regarding the advancement of women and teens who have been torn down by adversity.

With H.E.R. Motto: "Be the girl who makes everybody feel like somebody." The women of H.E.R. strive to build up women who have been torn down by hardships, while cultivating unity and a brighter future for all!

We believe all women can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

Our Mission

As a survivor of childhood homelessness and domestic violence, H.E.R. Founder/C.E.O.
Jazzilyn Simmons dedicates herself to building up broken women, because she knows what it once felt like to be torn down.

Her ultimate goal is to initiate social impact by cultivating opportunities for the economic and social advancement  of women to gain  the resources, power, and confidence to conquer their dreams!


Our Vision

The Women of H.E.R. Community strive to raise awareness and funds for:

Women's Health (e.g. breast cancer, domestic violence, mental illness) 

Educational Development (college prep,  at-risk / delinquent teens, college retention, scholarships)


Social Advancement (Job placement, vocational programs, matriculation and prevention from transitional housing).

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