Why Undergraduate H.E.R. members are excelling

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

In 2018-2019, we have hit an all time high of educated female bosses!

"Be The girl who makes everybody feel like SOMEBODY"

Taking Center Stage...

As a product of a divorced single-mother, I never thought that in my wildest dreams that I would walk across the stage of my college graduation. Thanks to the sacrifices of my mother, coupled with my hard work in my didactic studies, I obtained my Bachelor of science degree in Public Health from the esteemed Prairie View A&M University. During my senior year at PVAMU, I founded the Women of Honor, Excellence, and Rarity (H.E.R.) with the key focus of developing women in the areas of: Women's Health, Educational development, and Social Advancement. Since inception in 2015, I saw huge growth in my mentees. I realized that my obedience to God in founding this entity helped rape victims, talked women out of contemplating suicide, and also gave emerging women a grand avenue to actually dream beyond themselves to possibly craft a better world for those alike.

Steve Jobs once said: "The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do." Since our inauguration in 2015, H.E.R. has transcended into a 501c3 nonprofit foundation, procuring over $150,000 in both monetary and in-kind sponsorships to better the lives of women and families to ensure that we are not only cultivating strong educational foundations, but providing enriched experiences for the duration of their educational journeys which includes but are not limited to: Annual educational retreats, seminars, workshops, and so much more! Members of H.E.R. see an average of 40% increase in self-esteem and overall confidence along with improved interpersonal relationships and communication skills within the first academic year of membership due to the fruitful interactions and encouragement that is shown to each member.

As founder and CEO of H.E.R. Community, Incorporated, I HIGHLY recommend that parents encourage their daughters to join a H.E.R. Chapter if available at their respective university!

Jazzilyn Simmons

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